Best Hot Chocolate in Rome

Forget the milk chocolate you make using the powder box at home. You have never tasted the real hot chocolate until you order one in Rome. It is a dark, thick and steaming drink. So step in one of the old-fashioned cafes and pasticcerie and order the melted chocolate with wiped cream on top and maybe some handmade cookies on the side. A hint: Italians call it cioccolata calda!



In Bar Pompi, people seem to get “the best hot chocolate ever had!” The bar is famous for its Tiramisu, a coffee-flavored desert, but the hot chocolate seems to be as good!
( Via Cassia 8, Via Albalonga 7b)

chocolate with creamIf you wanna get a hot chocolate but can’t resist of a little of coffee in it, the Caffé Sant’Eustachio has an excellent monachella. It is a combination of coffee and hot chocolate with wiped cream on top.
(Piazza Sant’Eustachio 82)

At Ciòccolati, the chocolate is served in every form possible and the hot chocolate is obviously not missing. It is a MUST for chocolate lovers who want to try the most original combinations and types of hot chocolate.
(via Marianna Dionigi, 36)

hot chocolate

Caffè Parnaso offers a special location for your hot chocolate with a breathtaking view on Rome. The hot chocolate comes with a lot of biscotti, homemade cookies.
(Piazza delle Muse)

If you are planning to be in Rome in the next weeks, take a break in one of these places and taste the authentic hot chocolate you have never had!




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