Best Romantic Spots in Rome

“Italians do it better”. When it comes to falling in love, Rome is the perfect setting for a passionate and intense love story. The Italian culture is all about approaching gently to the possible lover, flirting, conquering her or him through romantic gestures. Those are the streets that have seen the beginning and the ending of love stories, the passion of forbidden kisses, the troubles of adulteries. If only the walls of the city could tell what they saw, a new collection of romantic novels would be made. Going “To Rome with love” and enjoying the city sharing the experience with the other half, is a must you have to experience at least once in your life. Everything becomes even more beautiful if shared with the person you love, so a romantic point of view makes visitors embrace even more the essence of the eternal city.

Roman history itself celebrates the power of lovers. Built in the 2nd century, one side of the Temple of Venus was dedicated to the goddess of love, while the other side was entitled to the city itself. So the two elements, the city and the romantic feeling, were combined from its very first origins. The historical spot give visitors the chance to learn the past of the city as well as celebrate the profound sentiment.
Tempel der Venus und der Roma und Turm von Santa Francesca Romana

When a couple meets, the deepest desire is to stick together no matter what. To celebrate the will of belonging one to the other for good, Ponte Milvio invites lovers to chain a lock as symbol of their relationship. The bridge across the Tiber, offers a truly romantic experience. Lovers come to attach their locks and throw the keys to the river according to the tradition wishing their love to be endless.


To make a wish or promises, the Trevi Fountain is another place couple cannot miss. Express a desire with closed eyes, turn with the fountain on the back and throw coins in it hoping to make what you wished, reality. Do it with your wife, your partner, your lover and crown sweet promises.


Every love is celebrated through flowers. Roses, most of all, represent passion and desire. That’s why taking a walk into the Roseto Comunale, the rose garden, is one of the most romantic things to do in Rome. Not only it offers a beautiful view, but a quintessential experience thanks to the incredible fragrances of the colorful roses.


During nights, lights can make every place magical. Castel Sant’Angelo, the ancient castle on the Tiber river turns into a even more stunning place under the stars. One of the most ancient and evocative monument of Rome, can become the perfect setting for a special evening.


It is not a coincidence then if the word “Roma” spelled backwards is “Amor”, which literally means LOVE.

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