The Best Areas To Stay in Rome

Like any other city, it is useful to know which ones are the best areas to stay in Rome. We have collected for you the best areas to stay in, meaning the most beautiful and well-centered.

1. The Colosseum Area


This is one of the most important and majestic buildings made by the Romans, and definitely the most famous in the world . Most importantly, the Colosseum is next to the center of the city so by staying near to the big monuments, you will also be next to the other main ones and to the main attractions of the city.

2. Fontana de Trevi Area


In the city where you can find fountains of all the kind and shape, this is certainly the most impressive and famous in the world. The Trevi Fountain was reopened just recently after a long period of restoration. The fountain is right in the center of the city, 5 minutes from Via del Corso, one of Rome’s main streets.

 3. Piazza Navona Area


This square is one of the most picturesque of Rome. It is a lovely place to stay, considering that in the small alleys that lead to the square there are lots of shops, bars and coffee places. Also, Via del Governo Vecchio is the best area for vintage shopping!

4. The Vatican Area


Saint Peter is one of the biggest and most beautiful squares of Rome, from which you can access to the smallest but most powerful state of the Christian world: The Vatican city, which is also the residence of the Pope, head and spirit of the Christians. Living right next to it even only for a brief stay, makes the holiday extremely special!

5. The Spanish Steps Area

Spanish steps

This is the most elegant and sophisticated square in Rome. Its impressive stairs, made by De Santis, connect the “Trinita dei Monti” church, with its famous twin tower bells, to the Barcaccia, the famous masterpiece of Bernini, where the Romans and the tourists love to refresh themselves on the hottest days just and, just steps away, the magnificent Piazza de Spagna. Nowadays, this is the most visited and photographed square in the world. What better place to stay in Rome?

6. Campo de Fiori

campo de fiori

Certainly one of the most famous squares of Rome, but we could also say of the world. Here every morning takes place a colorful and lively market where you can discover the flavors of an ancient Rome, now almost disappeared. Once the market is finished, the square becomes one of the major point of attraction in Rome, thanks to its countless bars, pubs, restaurants and ancient bakeries that every day are able to satisfy the tastes of thousads people coming from all over the world. Stay here and live it like a local!

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