4 places to eat (fast) in Rome

How many times did you have an authentic Italian meal? Before answering this question, you should be warned that the “Prego” garlic tomato sauce, the Ciabatta, Mac&cheese or cannolis are not even close to a real Italian dish. So, for once try to put aside the food you are used to, remove the hundreds of ingredients from your sandwiches included the pesto dressing and get ready for a culinary experience made of simple, but tasty and high-quality meals. All you need is twenty-four hours in Rome and you will taste all the Italian flavors through four meals and a reduced budget.

1. The Best Italian Breakfast in Rome

It’s early morning. Everyone is going to work, however all the counters of the coffee shops are crowded with people who take ten minutes to enjoy a quick but very tasty breakfast. A small talk, a look on the daily newspaper and you will start your day as any citizen of the city. Gianfornaio (Via dei Gracchi) is the right place to get a Cappuccino, the coffee drink of espresso, hot milk and steamed-milk foam and a Cornetto, a genuine rolled pastry.

via dei gracchi


2. Fast and Tasty Lunch

Sightseeing can be tiring. A tasteful italian sandwich can be a good way to take a break for lunch. 200 Gradi (Piazza Risorgimento, close to the Vatican) offers a huge choice of fresh ingredients to make the perfect combination in a yummy bakery bread. The Panino comes on a cutting board, divided into two parts, ideal for a shared lunch with someone else.

Italian sandwich

Italian sandwich

3. A Gelato Break

Gelato is the snack you need to get through the day and have a later dinner around 9 pm like a real Italian. Grom (Piazza in Campo Marzio) offers artisan ice cream made with only fresh seasonal fruittop-hole milk and organic eggs with guaranteed high-quality. Pick two flavors on a cone, the crunchy wafer, and keep on visiting Rome.

Tasty snack

Tasty snack

4. Rome’s Best Homemade Pizza and Beer

At the end of the day, you’ll be hungry enough to taste some pizza. Pizzarium (via della Meloria) does not only offer a slice of it, but a refined set of top-hole ingredients accompanied by a selection of artisan beers. You can choose between the most original kinds of pizza with unusual components and also the authentic and traditional ones like the Margherita, fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes.

With a full and satisfied belly, the day in Rome comes to an end. Something important is missing though, a traditional pasta dish. Spaghetti, penne, ziti, rigatoni, one day is not enough to try them all, so stay more than twenty-four hours and enjoy the rest that the city has to offer. Don’t forget to walk through the beauties of the city in the meantime, otherwise you’ll need a long and intense work out session when you’ll be back!

Pizzarium, the best pizza in Rome

Pizzarium, the best pizza in Rome

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