Cooking Classes in Rome

Let’s face it. When it comes to Italy’s most known attractions, two things come to everyone’s mind: food and beautiful girls. For the second one, we cannot do more than wish you good luck. As for the first one, not only we can suggest great restaurants, but we can recommend someone to teach you to cook like an Italian.


Founded by the entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti, it is an Italian food market/mall composed by a variety of restaurants, food and beverage stations, bakery and retail items. It offers short term cooking classes with which any tourist can go back home and impress his friends and family. Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492 (


Daniela’s Cooking School

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just beginning to find your way around the kitchen, you’ll have a great time developing new culinary skills with Daniela. The class lasts about four hours, and includes a visit to a market, the cooking lesson itself, and a leisurely lunch. Via delle Terme Deciane, 10/a (


 Cooking Classes in Rome

Cooking classes with the Italian Chef Andrea Consoli. Prime location in Rome, new friends to meet, hour step by step lesson and organic ingredients only! Via Dei Fienaroli, 5 (


Italian Gourmet

These cooking classes are run by Diana Seed. She has lived in Rome for 30 years, and she has built up an international reputation for her unrivalled knowledge of Italian regional cuisine and wines. She is an amusing speaker and her passionate enthusiasm and lively anecdotes bring out the sheer pleasure of Italian life. She now lives in a spectacular apartment in the Doria Pamphili palace at Piazza Venezia where she runs a cooking school with views of the Colosseum. Her love affair with Italy shows no sign of fading. Via del Plebiscito, 112 (


… Well, actually we can help you on both aspects: food and girls. Take a cooking class in Rome and you’ll see how girls will be satisfied with your candle-light dinners!


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