Eating Kosher in Rome

When people hear about “Kosher food” they usually relate to Judaism. To be Kosher, food has to conform to the regulations of Kasherut, Jewish law. However, Kosher food has become much more than that. The food industry is at a turning point where health is the main priority and a K meal is a safe and fresh product controlled minutely. Today, 18.000 American supermarkets sell Kosher and this kind of nourishment, embraced by mainstream brands, has become the new trend.

So if you are looking for an healthy lifestyle, if you have never tried Kosher food before, or if you are a Jewish tourist visiting Italy, you should definetely take advantage of the incredible Kosher spots in Rome.

Fonzie Burger House


Fonzie is Burger’s House with a strong image of the “Great ‘50”. It has high quality Kosher food at affordable prices. Fonzie surprises its clients with a big variety of choices. Mini burgers, the fresh burger with avocado in it, the veggieburger, chicken nuggets and a huge choice of beers. The place combines the love for food and cooking, the desire to make fresh and high quality meals plus a young and lively design.
(Via Santa Maria del pianto, 13)



Born in 2008 hours strength of the brothers Dabush the restaurant offers the best of cuisine Roman Jewish kosher with the combination of Middle Eastern cuisine with dishes always point
but to the future with eyes of the past.

The restaurant is located in one of the most fascinating places in Rome, sitting outside in fact can see the portico of Octavia that the monument erected in honor of Emperor Augustus sister Octavia that in addition to the function to mark the boundaries of the area from which the Jews could not leave during the night, the remains of this ancient, are also the place where, until the century
last year was make a single sale of fish “auction” called “cooked”, to which participated in the entire Roman population.

The dishes offered in local meet all the rules of kashrut are enclosed in
the most sacred Jewish Torah text: all meat slaughtered under strict control and second strict rules No milk will no dairy products in crustaceans and invertebrates, wide selection of wines ranging from Italian labels also references to Israeli France, Chile and California.

(Via Portico D’Ottavia 57)


Daruma Sushi Kosher

darumaOne of the restaurants of the first sushi producer of Rome, which ensures fresh fish everyday at moderate prices. Costumers can eat on the counter and choose between the big variety of dishes of the moving stripe or taste meat sushi made with spicy chicken.

(piazza Bologna, 8)



Bella Carne


A restaurant specialized in Kosher meat. The place where the various    souls of the Ghetto can be found all together: great dishes, tradition and innovation, culture and design. A family restaurant named after a way of saying of the Italian Jewish Community. “Bella Carne” means “Beautiful flesh” and it is a nickname with which parents and grandparents usually refer to their children and nephews.

(Via Del Portico D’Ottavia, 51)

La Taverna del Ghetto

insegna-della-tavernaThe menu offers the perfect mix between Jewish recipes and Italian ones. It is based on tradition, but also on modernity. It offers the same recipes that Jews used to eat in the past.




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