For When You Feel Homesick in Rome

If you’re in Rome and you miss the U.S., here is where you need to go to feel a little bit more at home!

1. Fonzie Burger


Fonzie is a Burger’s House with a strong image of the “Great 50s”. It surprises its clients with a big variety of choices. Mini burgers, the fresh burger with avocado in it, the veggieburger, chicken nuggets and a huge choice of beers. The place combines the love for food and cooking, the desire to make fresh and high quality meals plus a young and lively design. It has high quality Kosher food at affordable prices. Of course, everything strictly USA style.
(Via Santa Maria del pianto, 13)
2. T-bone Station

An American Steakhouse in Rome with casual style and great food. Huge portions of food and a lot of dishes inspired by Mexican traditions. You can get onion rings, chicken wings, stuffed potatoes, mozzarella sticks and nachos are just some of the must-try-dishes!
(Via Santa Dorotea, 21)

3.  Bakery House 

A bakery born from the love for American desserts. The place is realized to live the same atmosphere of the bakeries in the US, where you can get cupcakes and tasty cakes with a cup of coffee or tea or bagels and sandwiches.
(Corso Trieste 157/b)

4. Crazy Bull


Crazy Bull Cafe offers “a good meal to feel good”. Huge burgers with fries, chicken wings and so many others kind of meat, plus it has a wide range of american desserts. The restaurant is set in the 50s uniting a place to eat and a music bar.
( via riano 1/3)

5. Let’s Go Out!

In Campo De Fiori or in Piazza Navona, there you’ll find lots of foreign and American students living in Rome. It will be the occasion to share your experience with other English speakers!

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