Rome’s Best Gelato Places

When in Rome, you gotta taste Gelato! Forget those artificial tastes you find everywhere else in the world, there’s no ice cream like the Italian one. Served on a cone, the Gelato has tons of different tastes and you wanna make sure you spend your days in Rome trying it in every variation possible.

Gelateria La Romana 988368_357869324338850_1065771442_n


Born in 1947, it offers the most creative tastes made with selected and traditional ingredients. It has recently become a must in Rome. No matter the time of the year or the hour of the day, prepare yourself to stand in line for a while.



Grom was born with the idea of offering a gelato made of best quality ingredients. For this purpose, a farm was created and the chain stores were opened in every Italian city.



The most historical ice cream place of Rome. Today, after three generations, it still offers the authentic tastes and flavours of the 80’s. The store is a meeting place for Romans and for numerous polticians from the nearby Chamber of Deputies,


Neve di Latte

neve_01An expensive and luxurious ice cream. A gelato that must  be tried at least once, maybe in place of lunch.






Gelateria dei Gracchi


A Sicilian ice cream place to to get fruit tastes. Great quality, affordable prices.


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