Summer in Rome

You might think that spending summer in Rome could be a mistake. Monuments and hot weather do not get on well, however the Eternal city is as entertaining in summer as during other seasons, maybe even more. You just need a guide. So here we are, to guide you through summertime in Rome.

First rule: Don’t overdo things in the hottest part of the day.
Visit air-conditioned museums or plan a trip to the cooler parts of the city in that hours. Most of the tour museums can be booked in advance so plan ahead to avoid the line outside. One of the most interesting is MAXXI, museum of modern art. (via Guido Reni, 4 A)


Second rule: The gelato will be your bestfriend.

No matter the time of the day, if you are hungry and you feel like having something fresh and yet delicious, the gelato is the answer to all your questions. You’ll find a gelateria at every corner of Rome. The one we prefer is La Romana. (via Venti Settembre 60)

Third rule: Water is free.
Don’t spend euros for water. Rome offers free water from its fontanelle. You’ll spot public water fountains all over the city. So bring a bottle with you and refill it everytime you need. Just watch out,  free fountains look like small water pumps and not like Fontana de Trevi!


Fourth rule: Don’t miss summer events.

As every other lively city, Rome organizes tons of events on summertime. Take advantage of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and have fun in a new city with new friends. Buy a ticket for the Rock in Roma concerts for instance. We chose the concert of the Bastille , on the 26th of July. (Ippodromo delle Capannelle)


Fifth rule: Get a good night sleep.

Choose a place to stay that has air conditioning in the rooms. In Rome air conditioning cannot be taken for granted. No doubt about our choice of accomodation!

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