The Grattachecca in Rome

grattachecca-2It’s in a cup, made of ice, sugar and a tasty syrup. It’s often combined with a slice of coconut and it can be mint, lemon, orange, almond, peach, black cherry and strawberry- flavored. The grattachecca is the summery drink you must try in Rome. Called scratchy because of its preparation, it usually does not cost more than 5 euros. Where to get it? In every small stand in the city which is specialized in this cheap but tasteful drink.

We chose for you some of the best sellers of Rome.

Chiosco Testaccio (via G. Branca) is the most authentic one. The owner scratches the sheet of ice as in the past and adds fresh fruit syrups to the drink.

Sora Maria (Via Trionfale/Via Telesio) has the biggest variety of tastes with some exotic ones like mango, papaya and pineapple.

Sora Mirella (Lungotevere degliAnguillara) is one of the oldest makers of it. It has been in Trastevere, an area of Rome next to the center of the city, for almost a century without changing the recipe.

Buenos Aires (Piazza Buenos Aires) where the ice is thicker and where the lemoncocco, a drink made of lemon and of coconut mixed together with ice, is made.

 As they say, “When in Rome… “


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