Best Hot Chocolate in Rome

Rome’s hot chocolate is like nothing you have tried before! It is creamy and thick. Drinking cioccolata calda is like having melted chocolate. Forget the watery hot chocolate you’re used to and have some Italian hot chocolate with panna montata, whipped cream on it.

During the winter season, there’s nothing better than a hot chocolate.

Bar Pompi

hot chocolate
Pompi has a rich and thick chocolate with biscotti (cookies) on the side. You can also ask for some whipped cream on top.
Via Albalonga, 9 



Chocolat offers unusual spicy flavors like ginger, cinnamon and peperoncino. The name of the place comes from the movie with Johnny Depp and Juliet Binoche.
Via della Dogana Vecchia, 12,  (Pantheon)


hot chocolate

Ciampini is a bar in the center of Rome. Sit at the tables outside and order a good, rich cioccolata calda. The whipped cream is served on the side.
Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 29 (Trident)

Rome’s hot chocolate will blow your mind! Doesn’t matter when you’ll stop you will get a great creamy hot chocolate with homemade cookies on the side and whipped cream on top. Enjoy!

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