Outdoor Summer Clubs in Rome

Clubbing in Rome is so much fun. Clubbing in Rome IN SUMMER is super fun!
There are lots of summer clubs, here are some of the best ones:

1. Rebel Rebel Warehouse


In the northern part of the city, there is an outdoor club with minimal music and the best international electronic DJs. That’s the Rebel Rebel, a crazy place to go clubbing. The only problem is that you gotta cab to get there cause no bus reaches it.

2. La Bibliotechina


In the heart of the Rosati Park at Eur, the Bibliotechina is the best spot for the aperitif or for a clubbing night. The best days to go are Thursdays and Saturdays.

3. Bosco delle Fragole

bosco-delle-fragole (2)

The location is an open air club in the forest of Monte Mario, right behind Rome’s Olympic Stadium. There is a mix of house, revival and commercial club hits. You can go clubbing and also just hang out in the bar areas.

4. Circolo degli Artisti


It’s a unique place where you can take yoga classes, eat pizza or dance! There is live music, art shows, theatre and cinema.
The best night is Friday night!

5. Docks


Next to the Gazometro gaswork structure in Testaccio, there is the club called the Docks. It is a very cool and creative place and there is different kind of music every night, it can be rock, hip-hop, dance or reggae.

6. La Villa


La villa is on the Fleming Hill. It is in a building that dates back to 1908. It is the place to order classy cocktails and enjoy the mix of lounge, dance and commercial tunes.

7. Magick Bar


Overlooking the Tiber river, the Magick has great cocktail bar with electronic and tech house music as well as minimal.
It’s open everyday and the entrance is always free.

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