Street Graffiti Tour in Rome


Rome presents a new map of the city that highlights the areas with Street Art. In the map there are more than 330 work of arts and 150 streets. This map helps visitors who are interested in the Street Art to find the hidden gems of the city.

These streets are a open door museum of Rome, they are the works of art of more than 120 street artists coming from all over the world. The map is a project to make tourists discover the real Rome and not only the central areas.

The name of the map is in fact: “Changing prospective. The street is the new museum”.

The Area Of Ostiense

Ostiense is an area in the south metropolitan area of Rome. This area is known for its beautiful graffiti.

All you neeed to do is walk 500 meters from the Piramide Metro Station, along via Ostiense. You will reach a brige and under it you’ll find some of the most interesting pieces of graffiti of the entire city. This area has nothing to do with the ancient, romantic version of Rome. It is a lively, modern and chaotic area full of artistic inspiration.

Ostiense is the downtown part of Rome, the underground version of it. It is an area that has a lot to offer in terms of art and fun, as some of the best clubs of the city are right next to this beautiful graffiti.

The Mysterious Bansky


Street art is now an artistic phenomenon and not associated with vandalism anymore.

For instance, the mysterious Bansky, whose identity is kept secret, paints the walls of the entire world and Rome’s walls as well.
His graffiti are usually provocative and connected to politics.

Rome has welcomed the artist, in fact the Italian city is full of street art. Graffiti dates back to the Roman Empire and the word itself comes from “graffiato” which means scratched.
So come explore the city to find graffiti made by Bansky or his fans who have started to copy him. Not only you can get the map online of the street art tour but you can find an apartment in these areas!

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