Vintage Shopping In Rome

Rome is the temple of history. Wherever you turn, there is a monument, some ruins, a memory of the past combined with modern times. So what a better occasion to go for vintage shopping. Choosing second hand garments, means taking someone else’s past clothes and turn them into something new and up-to-date, getting an item full of memory and make new ones with it. However, before even considering this kind of shops, you better keep in mind that vintage does not necessarily mean cheap, especially in Rome.
Twice (Via di San Francesco a Ripa 105/A) is the most assorted vintage store of Rome in which high fashion items at accessible prices can be found. The e-commerce on the Internet, allows clients to shop online or take a look on the collection before going there.

Cinzia’s (Via del governo vecchio 45) has been run by the owner for twenty years. She selects things of the past according to her taste and passion, offering affordable women’s jackets, dresses, purses. It is the place to go and find great deals.


Bohemienne (Via dei Capellari 96) is a very small store that looks like someone’s wardrobe. With patience and determination, there can be found quite expensive but incredibly beautiful pieces which will be worth the research.


Moreover, Monti is an area of Rome famous for its tiny and particular shops. Blue Goose (Via del Boschetto, 4) offers a collection of vintage women’s bags, shoes, clothes and even jewelry. It is cute little boutique with fashion design items. King Size Vintage (Via del Boschetto, 94) is a well displayed and organized shop for both women and men. The point of strenght of the boutique is represented by shoes, spread all over the place. Pifebo (Via dei serpenti 141), offers both women and men vintage accessories and clothing from the sixties to the nineties. It has a huge collection of leather jackets, boots, glasses, accessories positioned on the dusty and characteristic shelfs.

Travelling means also collecting memories and items from the places you have been. A pair of vintage sunglasses, a particular accessory, a leather jacket or a classy hat could be the perfect souvenir of the time spent in Rome, or a gift for those who could not come with you.

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