When in Rome.. Suggestions for being less touristy and more Italian

Like any other place, there’re some things about Rome only Romans know.

We have decided to share with you some main suggestions for being less touristy while visiting Rome.  Here are 10 pieces of advice for you:

1. Do not throw coins into every fountain you see. Except it is the Trevi Fountain.

2. Avoid tourist menus, that’s not Italian food. AT ALL.

3. Don’t get a single-fare ticket for public transport, get a 7 day pass instead. It is way more convenient.

4. Say no to any guy that shows up on the street selling flowers, toys or some other things. Even if they say it’s a gift. Nothing is for free.

5. Always carry a water bottle, there’re free water fountains spread all over the city. Don’t waste money on water bottles.

6. Go for the “Apertivi”. Around 6 or 7pm some bars hold the Aperitivo, a sort of happy hour when you can get a drink and free food. Typically you’ll find finger food, slices of pizza, chips and so on.

7. DON’T drive a scooter in Rome. You have to be trained for it, Italian drivers can be wild.

8. In Rome, there’s a price for standing and one for sitting. So if you wanna sit, expect to pay extra for that.

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