Public transportation in Rome

imagesGetting around in Rome is not that easy. Frequently, tourists wonder why the congested city does not have a subway system with more than two lines. Truth is whenever an attempt to add a new one has been made, the workers have found something historical and thus untouchable underground. Therefore, not having a decent metro system is the price to pay for such unique historical beauty. Fortunately, some areas are not particularly wide so can be visited by feet and that helps you finding the hidden spots which are commonly known as the most fascinating. However, if you want to move from one area to another there are several means of transportation you can take into consideration.

The Bus

You can look on the Internet which bus brings you to the destination needed, however remember to buy the ticket in advance from a Tabacchi, coffe bars, newsstant or vending machines (exact change only, 1.5o euros each ride) at metro or major bus stops.

The Metro

It has the line A and B, a red and a blu one and it is opened from 5.30 am until 11.30 pm everyday and until midnight on Saturdays.

The Tram

It is a sort of bus which goes on rails and avoids the traffic. Again, the ticket must be purchased in advance.

The Cab

If you want to get a cab, make sure it has the official meter and certification. Avoid arranged price, to be sure call one using the following phone number: 06 3570.

The Car or the Motorcycle

Renting a car or a motorcycle costs approximately 40-50 euros per day. However, it is inadvisable. If you drive a car, you have to pay for parking spots (hard to find) and cannot access every ZTL zones (motor traffic limited zones) which are probably the areas you are most interested in as a visitor. If you drive a motorcycle, you avoid traffic and can enter everywhere in the city but you have to deal with the wild Italian drivers which can be dangerous.

So, in case you are wondering what’s the best way to visit Rome, the answer is at the end of your legs. Make sure to wear the right pair of shoes then!

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