Behind The Scenes Tour Of Rome

Traveling means making every hour count, embrace the timeless beauty of the city and get the right state of mind. Not every treasure of Rome is mentioned on turistic guides, keep your eyes open for details, small things say more about the eternal capital than anything else.  The best way to wander Rome, is to walk as much as you can. The aroma of a bakery, a small typical shop, the clothes to dry out of the windows, an artigianal ice cream seller are all examples of how the city can amaze its visitors. To get to know the Roman lifestyle, there are much more places to visit than the ones already famous all over the world.

Via del Governo Vecchio is a tiny street in the center of Rome next to Piazza Navona. It is an alley with small shops of clothes you can only buy in Italy and mostly specialized in vintage stuff.  You can walk around and end the tour with a glass of wine in one of the typical restaurants of the area, reading a book on Rome just bought in the little bookshop of the area.


Galleria Borghese is a museum worth seeing. In its rooms several works of art are exposed, masterpieces of the Renaissance, the baroque, but mostly, for those who want to experience the behind the scene tour, the northeast corner of the Villa which hosts the museum, is a must. Visitors can access that area of the building by reservation and see the Bernini sculptures from every angle withouth being sorrounded by the crowd.


The Maxxi, the National museum of the 21st century, provides workshops for visitors to discover art and learn things putting yourself on the line. The various kind of activities are for adults, families and kids and make you experience art as you have never done before.


The Vatican is a State within the city, a treasure chest which has to be explored for its fascinating features. Most of all, the Vatican Museum collects mythical works. With a special ticket, you can visit the rooms of the historical building in a private group, avoiding the line and the flash of the cameras of thousands of tourists in front of the artistic collection. You can enter the Vatican Museum with door closed and enjoy every corner of it.



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