Best places for Cocktails in Rome

Cocktails are not only mixed drinks containing alcohol. When you had a really busy day, there’s nothing better than meet your friends in a bar and have a drink together, exchanging stories, jocking about the latest breakup, the random guy recently met or the girl who won’t text you back. Behing every kind of cocktail there is a story.

Sex on the beach is usually ordered by women and is often accompagnied by girly chat, Mojito is a fresh and sweet highball which brings back the Cuban flavour, Midori sour is the drink of the moment and finally, Angelo Azzurro (Blue angel) is the cocktail you must avoid unless you are a heavy drinker. For your story in Rome, here’s a list of places where you can get great cocktails.

 Caffe Propaganda


A club very close to the Colosseum, offers a selection of drinks. There’s the vintage, the seasonal, the champagne-based cocktail section. Also, their Punch is a must.
(Via Claudia, 15)











A small restaurant in the center of Rome that has a lot of surprises for its clients. The bartender is known for his creativity and the place is known for its first quality ingredients. You won’t be disappointed.
(Via Properzio, 31-33)







The club is always poppin. It is the perfect place to share a drink with new people. It also offers a special selection of light cocktails with less alcohol than the usual ones.
(Viale Parioli, 200)




Ice Club


It is like entering a igloo where any cocktail can be ordered. All of the drinks are crafted and served in a glass made of ice so that you can truly taste the vodka in its natural environment.
(Via della Madonna dei Monti, 18-19)









A cool and young environment in Ponte Milvio where it is not rare to listen to a live band and meet interesting people.
(Via Flaminia, 451)






Bar del Fico

Involtini di peperone_bar del fico_Roma IMG_6454

Good cocktails, great locations. The best way to spend a saturday night in Rome.
(Piazza del Fico, 26)








The Drunken Ship


Located in Campo dei Fiori, one of the most visited squares in the historic center of Rome, the Drunken Ship is definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss because you never know what you are in for. One day you may walk in and there will be a toga party and the next time there may be a beach party, but our favorite is the 70’s jive party. You can always count on the student discounts, happy hour, air conditioning, ice and the best frozen cocktails in Europe.
(Piazza Campo de Fiori, 20)



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