Extreme Sports in Rome

Are you an adventurous traveler? Are you looking for extreme activities so that you’ll always remember “That time we went to Rome”? Here’s the plan for you. We have found the most active and extreme activities you can do in Rome and surroundings.

Get ready.. It’s going to be intense!

1. Paragliding 


Experience the thrill of free flying and enjoy the views. This is for sure one of the most unconventional way to visit Rome.  Y0u’ll get a brief explanation of the simple rules of safety from an instructor and then you’ll fly right next to him above a beautiful landscape.  The price is about 120 euros, the tour lasts 20 minutes and you get a video to remember this great experience! You can find it in the area of Castelli Romani.

2. Horseback riding 

Discover the beauty of the landscapes of the Roman countryside riding a horse.  It is the perfect occasion for nature and animals lovers. You can admire the beauty of the landscapes around you, while having fun riding. You’ll be guided by an experienced local.

There are several tours available. You can do the one on the Appian Way Park, which combines a great natural landscape but also an archeological site. Paths can be combined with gourmet itineraries organized for tasting the typical dishes of Roman cuisine during a break. The cost is 35 euros each and it can last up to 2 hours. Or there’s another one with the pic-nic included which is 80 euros each but lasts longer.

3. Horseback Riding At The Beach


You can ride in the unique setting of the Circeo National Park and at the end of your activity, taste the delicious fish of the local restaurants. It costs 65 euros per person, it lasts about 2 hours but you can arrange a one day thing with lunch included. If you don’t know how to ride, you can plan a riding lesson.

4.  Rafting


You can go rafting on the Aniene River. It is a very nice area to go rafting . It is an extreme activity but it can be done for the first time thanks to the local instructors, you don’t need to be a pro!

5. Skydiving 

skydiving rome

For the lovers of free fall, but also for non-experts who wish to experience a unique sensation! You will jump from a plane at
an altitude of 4,000 meters with an instructor. The thrill will last about a minute. It costs 175 each and you have to check the weather before going there. It is opened in the weekends only.

6. Paintball


Make a team and challenge your friends to a paintball war! It is a very dynamic activity that you can do outdoor. All you have to do is to strikeout the opponent by hitting balls with colored gel. You can get expelled if the ball hits you.
Challenge your friends to a paintball war!  The game equipment is made available by the staff (protective masks, protective vests, protective gloves, para neck, compressed air). You will play in a synthetic field with night lighting.

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