New Areas Of Rome

Rome is known for its centuries-old monuments. To be fair Rome is known ONLY  for its centuries-old monuments. Watching Woody Allen’s movie “To Rome with love”, I realize that the city is portrayed like an old-time setting, as if nothing changed during these years. But as every other city in the world, Rome has evolved, has changed and has improved. The proof of the growth and change the Capital has made and is still making now, is given by the new areas of it, modern neighborhoods.

Monti is a very cool quarter, crowded with bars, fashion shops and restaurants. Narrow streets and quite corners hide an enclave for young people. It is a marriage of modernity with historical charm.


Ostiense and Garbatella are on the southern part of Rome. It is an area known for street art, the revival of its vegetables gardens and for the alternative atmosphere. It mostly lives during the night when it gets crowded and chaotic. It is just the perfect setting for a saturday night.


San Lorenzo is the students spot. Young people hang out there every night after hours spent in the silence of a library, or a day in front of books, they can’t wait for a drink with friends and new people in one of the Bohemian coffe bars. Maybe Woody Allen should have visited this new areas of Rome before portraying the city as an old-style place. Fortunately, it is never too late for a sequel!


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